West Covina California Accor Hotel

It was July 4th, so my first impression was what I expected. My first impression was that there was a lot more to it than I expected. I stayed at the estate for a few days before flying back to California to attend the funeral of my wife's close relative.

On my arrival at midnight on Saturday, the 4th, I met a large group of young people openly carrying and drinking liquor and beer bottles, even entering and leaving the lobby. Bathroom floors and toilets felt sticky, as if they had not been properly wiped or in a cleaning solution. My wife and I travelled so far that we ended up making tea, pouring it on the bathroom floor and cleaning it with a bath mat.

Finally, I called on Monday morning and asked to speak to the manager, who spoke to Ellie in the morning. She pulled out her phone in front of me and showed me my reward for the time spent in the hospital, which was the same as the one I had been charged for the previous two days. She also told me that she expected a few UPS packages to be delivered and that they would be called when they arrived. It was a bespoke funeral shirt I had ordered, so they were important, but when I asked if I could match my price to my previous nights, they said it had to be "approved" by a manager.

The following night, I went up to the night shift worker and told her that my wife was not registered in the system. The next day, Sunday, a relative tried to call her, but was told no one was registered with her name. They did a bucket check and relied on the computer system to look for my name, although there was no call from the computer asking for my last name.

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More About West Covina