West Covina California Homewood Suites

Covina is a bedroom community in Los Angeles and is located in the heart of West Covina, making it a great destination to travel between the two areas. The three-block area is home to a variety of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and antique shops selling everything from wine to antiques and collectibles. Several times a year, vendors sponsor events such as the West Covington Wine & Antiques Festival, a free wine tasting. Each week, local owners host events in the city centre, ranging from a free wine tasting to a craft beer festival with live music and food trucks.

The Radisson Suites Hotel offers amenities ranging from a heated pool to same-day cleaning. Covina visitors will also find a range of amenities at West Covington Suits Inn, a pet-friendly, full-service inn featuring a private pool, spa, fitness center and exercise facility, as well as an outdoor patio.

The Arrow Inn is within walking distance of restaurants and shops and offers free cable TV and morning coffee. A variety of restaurants are nearby, including the Covington Cafe, a popular spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and an outdoor terrace. The West Covina Inn on Garvey Avenue, just south of the freeway, features a full-service restaurant, bar and fitness centre.

This affordable motel is located on the west side of Arrow Highway, south of the intersection of Garvey Avenue and West Covina Boulevard. The Arrow Highway is the main thoroughfare in the San Gabriel Valley, where Covinas is based. Motorway traffic can be challenging, but fast public transport provides easy access to shopping, restaurants, shops and shopping centres.

More About West Covina

More About West Covina